So how are you doing?

– financially
I am on an even keel. I took a job in California. I accepted the job
while living in New York. I drove across the country, heedless of all
the doubters. Steady income. A bit low for my skill set but being
employed versus consulting is a good thing.
I have a consolidation loan for all my credit cards. It felt good to
pay most of them off.
– spiritually
I do Orgasmic Meditation. I do 15 minutes of Zen Meditation. I like to
see what EJ Gold is up to and play around with his spiritual
There is no item on here for physical development. I finished a month
of [The Bar Method]( – it is quite demanding. But
it does create a more flexible strong you. Now that a month is up,
doubt is creeping in. Should I continue, given the things I dont like
(the pop music). Or should I explore Pilates? Or maybe just do sit-ups
by myself?
– personally
I came to California not knowing what to expect and ended up finding a
sex partner. We split apart violently while taking a relationship
course and do not speak to each other. I’m having good Orgasmic
Meditation sessions with some other women who are not seriously obese
like she was – it didnt stop her from being a tremendous lover, but I
see financial and health issues cropping up for her in the future and
I dont want my bank account drained dealing with problems she put on
I live in a hacker house – 7 or so other people live in 2 rooms with 6
bunk beds. They are all doing IT work or opening up tech ventures. I
dont like it, but it’s only 1,000 per month to live in a very nice
area of Palo Alto, CA so I put up with it. The people talk too much.
– professionally
Even keel. Starting my tortoise march towards true financial freedom
in home business, giving me the freedom to work where I want and when
I want. I have rushed at it hurriedly and failed to make traction.
This time I must succeed because my income from employment will never
outstrip the debt I have cornered myself with. That being said I am
doing the following:
… Apiary Fund – they train you to trade forex and give you their
money once you proven yourself. I earned 1% my first month and had 40
winners and 15 losers. But my losers were 15.6 pips and my winners
were 8 pips. So I need to refine my technique.
… Lyoness – they have a 6 figures in 12 months plan. I am being
trained in how to attract people to my business instead of chasing
after people and trying to convincement.
… My Advertising Pays – this is a very novel advertising site which
is working well. I’m not entirely sure it’s legal, but it’s a great
idea and really none of the government’s business.
– emotionally
… Bitter rage at the women who had sex with me and then left me at
her convenience to go have sex with other people. She took my money
and broke a lot of promises. She didnt consciously mean to do any of
this – her subconscious and my subconscious had fears of the opposite
sex and we both become robots to our hidden resentments, leading to an
explosive shattering of an initially hot relationship.
– mentally
… I’m hanging on. My life mission is clear: to assist people who
want to pursue enlightenment via the isolation tank.
– diet
… BIG TOPIC. Lot’s of confusion around this topic. What should I do
and why? Breatharian? Fruitarian? Raw food? Anything I want?
Vegetarian? I’m sick of animal slaughter. no interest in eating higher
vertebrates. It would taste good, but clog my colon for days. Then
again, when was the last time a centenarian ate a vegetarian diet? Who
was the last raw food cententarian? Why does Tom Tam (and also Johrei)
heal people of serious disease without any change in diet?
Why do so many people get by on cooked food? Or are they really
getting by? We have hospitals loaded with sick people. How many of
them followed a natural diet?
– sexuality
I am denying the avenue of homosexuality / bisexuality. Here, near San
Francisco, gay and lesbian is very big and very normal. I’m not very
good at restricting myself. I seem to think if a lot of people are
doing it, then I must be missing out.
– big questions
Can I truly make the transition to full-time home business person?
Apiary Fund has done it. They have a 12-month program for this with
personal training, but I want to trade my way and take just a little
advice from them.
– big concerns
Even at my stable job as a consultant, the client I am consulting at
is always making threats about ending the role. I do get paid bench
time between roles.
How many people will obtain enlightenment by being assisted by me and
my religious organization based around floatation tanks?
– where do you see yourself in the next week?
Stuck in this hacker house living with a bunch of men, scared of being
fired/let go.
– where do you see yourself in the next month
Still stuck here I guess. Maybe in a different house. We will see!
– where do you see yourself in the next year
Hopefully in a good communal living situation. Either an orgasmic
meditation house or a house devoted to isolation tanks, maybe both!
– where do you see yourself in the next 5 years
Certainly free of the need to work in an office. More free to
establish retreat centers based around the isolation tank.
– where do you see yourself in the next 10 years
– where do you see yourself in the next 20 years
I wonder if my parents will be alive then. They are both in their 70s
now. I might have to move from California to South Carolina to tend to
affairs for awhile.
– where do you see yourself in the next 50 years
Hopefully a raw food diet and exercise will keep my channels open and
the use of skeletal alignment will make me as free and clear as a
baby. Maybe I will be in Ego Death by then and there will be no
separate Terrence Brannon to be concerned about.

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