Month: June 2015

Johnny Story by Vic Baranco

Reproduced from Lafayette Morehouse The Johnny Story by Vic Baranco This article originally appeared in Aquarius in December 1969. The Aquarius was a magazine published by the Institute of Human abilities at various times since the late ’60’s. This is a story, like a fable or parable. We’re not asking you to believe it or […]

Like a Beached Whale

Everywhere I turn, another person, place or thing. Coming at me, going by me. Lights, sounds, colors and textures assail me, force me to evaluate them. Friend or foe? Threatening or benevolent? A room full of people stabs my heart with suicidal loneliness. Me and my tank and no other person place or thing, and I am soothed […]

Sex, Drugs and Epsom Salt

Orgasmic Meditation Orgasmic Meditation is the central practice of OneTaste, a for-profit spiritual business. The practice offers countless value. It is ranked in the top 20 best educational systems by Inc Magazine. As number 893 of the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies, it is providing a new stream of revenue for many people with a […]

A Philosophy of Being

Utter Nothingness (Primordial Samadhi) Before the beginning was a cause and this cause made the decision to be. Previously, there were neither “being” nor “not-being”, only a potential to be. You assume this precise original state almost daily! If you sleep – dreamless sleep – are you conscious that you exist? On the other hand, […]

Gnosis’ Genesis

Every religion worth its salt (no pun intended) has a creation mythology. You know, their way of offering a solution to the chicken-and-egg problem of human existence. Well, we aren’t going to go that far back in time to chronicle the genesis of Isolation Tank Gnosis. First, because time is not linear anyway. But secondly […]

Vows of the Abba

Please recite the following in the presence of the existing Abbas: I have practiced the Harry Palmer intensive and was pleased with it. I thoroughly love the idea of hands-off enlightenment and want to offer it to others. I find Part I of this book to be a useful set of tools for this purpose. […]

Prospective recluses

The key idea in dealing with the public is “come and see for yourself”. Your goal is to be the messenger, not the message. Let the tank do the talking about how well it works. Keep the focus on inviting them to try it for themselves. If they want to know more about this organization, […]

Prosperity, Money and Dues

The driving goal of this chapter is to impress upon the reader the concept of prosperity and relate it to the workings of a God, should there be one. Let’s first assume that there was some creative force that brought this universe into existence and let’s call it The Big Bang. From that one big […]

Incoming Recluses

Once a recluse has decided that they want to book an intensive, you need to handle certain things well in advance and other things Well in advance One of the first things to do is to collect payment for the time. Because we strictly adhere to the policy of not approaching the recluse after his […]

Temple and Adytum

The intent of Isolation Tank Gnosis is to reduce the impact of sound, gravity, skin temperature and light on the recluse. With that in mind, let’s approach the factors we aim to reduce systematically, starting with sound. This factor requires the most attention from you as an Abba. The tank itself will deal with the […]


Human Being A carbon-oxygen machine that operates at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Isolation Tank A device invented by John C. Lilly which attenuates or eliminates the influence of gravity, light, sound, and skin temperature on a Human Being. Variously known as the floatation tank or sensory deprivation tank. Gnostic Viewpoint Self transcendence as opposed to transcendence […]

Recluse Intake Form

Please fill in the following sheet in the presence of the Abba: How many weeks do you plan to practice?   Have you donated for your time? YES / NO How will you get food for yourself for the duration of your stay? How will you access the bathroom? How will you know when your practice time has elapsed? […]

Waiver Form

I would like to acknowledge Michelle DeRouen of Float Houston for the majority of this text. We make all reasonable efforts to ensure a comfortable, clean, and safe environment for you. As such, you may be provided the opportunity of using our floatation tanks. Please read over the following information and sign your name and […]


Welcome to Isolation Tank Gnosis, or ITG for short. ITG as a practice is based on these beliefs: The power of isolation: I believe that all I need to perfectly free, happy and enlightened is to be alone. The power of the isolation tank: Floating in an isolation tank for 8 weeks was adequate for Harry Palmer to achieve […]

Ritual of the Recluse

The Ritual of the Recluse is the sole practice of Isolation Tank Gnosis. Here are the instructions: Float in the isolation tank for 8 weeks. The complete ritual has been specified. The remainder of this chapter is used address common questions. Can I do less than 8 weeks? Sure. What am I supposed to do […]

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