– financially – amazingly I am doing well. I have a work from home computer job which allows me plenty of time to focus on my home business. It pays less than an office job, but I have to find a true 2nd source of income with real retirement potential
– spiritually – getting serious about Buddhism. Tired of leaning on other people and technologies. Theravada buddhism is simple affordable and a good challenge!
– personally – here alone in Orlando, FL. Just drove across country from California… and right through Waller County, TX. Boy was I afraid of going through Mississippi and Alabama, but no real problems.
– professionally – i work as a computer programmer. But my home businesses are starting to gain ground. I think the main thing is focus. I am listening to subliminal programming tapes to increase my BEINGness and I am reading “Science of Getting Rich” which is an amazing book.
– emotionally – I got my ass burned by Marilyn at Lafayette Morehouse. She was very insulting ot me. Now, the real question is: why am I still crying over it 2 weeks later?? I thought you controlled your thoughts?!
– mentally – hard to say
– diet – I’ve watched plenty of animal slaughter videos and really dont need to be involved in that whole rigamarole. Thank you, but I’ll pass. I want to thank jenny dawn pulford of south africa/australia for bringing animal cruelty to my awareness. Paradoxically, she actually still consumes animals herself. But that’s all you get when you start thinking is paradox. As Robert Adams said: the purpose of the mind is to confuse things.
– sexuality – hmm, what sexuality. Having experienced Lafayette Morehouse and OneTaste, I think I prefer OneTaste. About Orgasmic Meditation coming from Lafayette, well time is not linear and Lafayette has a much older crowd. I think Nicole did a good job of creating “morehouse 2.0”
– big questions – will the top MLM recruiter I have joined forces with here in Florida go to the top of Lyoness like she did in LegalShield?
– big concerns – will I be able to last here financially for 3 months to get my home business established and flourishing?
– where do you see yourself in the next week – at a BNI meeting
– where do you see yourself in the next month – having talked to 2 or 3 SMEs about joining as a group of 5 so we can get a discount on registering in Lyoness.
– where do you see yourself in the next year – doing very well with Kangen Water and Lyoness!!!
– where do you see yourself in the next 5 years – a monk maybe , a celibate monk offering isoaltion tank services or buddhist services
– where do you see yourself in the next 10 years – perfectly happy with no need for a woman (and certainly not a man!). you know, a celibate yogi type. hmm, then again, maybe I will deepen my Orgasmic meditation practice… hmmm… hmmm.
– where do you see yourself in the next 20 years
– where do you see yourself in the next 50 years – dead!

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