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I know that modern AI strongly prefers corners, but this is ridiculous. Can anyone explain why S19 is so important?

I was reviewing my 3rd NAOL match and after my opponent’s move 50, guess where the AI wanted me to play: that’s right – S19. What sense is there in playing S19 when the response is a casual S3 or T2? White’s left is getting big and the White group in the lower right deserves […]

“ALL professionals know better: in … Middle Game, territory is not important, but strength and weakness of groups [is]”. A review of my game today.

The following quote is very relevant to the game I just lost: In ancient China, people were not scoring territory at all, but instead just the stones on the board. So originally, Go was about “gaining life for as many stones as possible” instead of territory. Building a territory – i.e. an area where no opponent’s stones […]

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