Dr. Shiva can win and this is why.

The Phase Transition of a Self-Organizing System is How Dr. Shiva can win:

This video is where Dr. Shiva makes it clear how to Shatter The Swarm:

What Prigogone showed was that the universe is not mechanistic. That is ONE STATE.
In the natural state, the universe is in a state of random brownian motion and
under certain conditions, order emerges. My work takes off where Prigogone leaves off …
uncovers the fact that the mechanistic view of the universe is oppressive. Because if you
take Newton’s view that if you have enough data, then you can use predictive analytics.

What they dont take into account is the individual raising their consciousness that that
perturbs the mechanistic world and you can create different kinds of self-organising systems.

It’s like 100th monkey concept. Prigogine concluded particles are communicating.
So When I raise my consciousness to understand that Fucker Carlson is fucker carlson,
then someone halfway around the world is going to raise their consciousness and this is how we
shatter the swarm.

This is why I’m so confident that we will win. Especially because the movement for
Truth Freedom Health exists.

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