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The main purpose of this post is to motivate why to choose Starlite over the most popular API framework in Python – FastAPI: Real world demands force Na’am Hirschfield to drop FastAPI In this article Na’am describes why he had to drop FastAPI and start using Starlite. There were this comments in the reddit thread […]

Downgrades and Upgrades to the Rating of Pure Python Web Application Solutions

Rather than create a new blog post each time that a pure python web application is upgraded or downgraded, I figured one reverse-chronological post was better. 2022, Sept 9: Transcrypt is no longer a Class A Pure Python Web Application solution Transcrypt is fully-featured. It is well-documented. Through the years, responses to community questions have […]

Concerns about Skulpt underlying Anvil… resolved!

What I’m trying to do: Estimate the reliability of skulpt as the basis for Anvil What I’ve tried and what’s not working: I maintain the pure python web application survey guide and currently have Anvil rated as a Class A framework, meaning that it is industrial strength, well-maintained, well-documented with good support channels. My concern […]

Comprehensive application configuration may occur in code, config-files and command-line interfaces… and a robust Python object system should support all 3

Coming fresh off the heels of the frequently discussed topic of should config files be plain Python and coming fresh off the heels of the announcement of 2 new command-line interface generators, I felt it was time to weigh in on the simple fact that: An industrial strength application may need to be seamlessly configured […]

Pure Python Web Application Development – NO CSS, HTML, or Javascript needed or wanted!

Practical Introduction This guide is designed to help you find a pure Python web application development solution fast. If you want theory, see the “Theoretical Introduction” section below. Otherwise just jump right to the practical guide and choose what works for you. Theoretical Introduction Welcome to 100% pure python web development. Sayonara to the HTML/JS/CSS […]

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