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mission, vision, goals and purpose and activities:

My life mission is a spiritual meditation and retreat communal living situation based around tantra and the isolation tank.

Here are my activities

  1. Here is what I do daily:
  2. Here is what I do each week:
  3. Here is what I do on a monthly basis:
    • I practice Orgasmic Meditation with the TurnON South Florida collective.
    • GENE KEYS IS AMAZING!!!!! Correlating the DNA with the I-Ching… try the free exercise and be blown away. Science and spirituality unite! I am actually playing the gene keys information as I fall asleep.
    • Gaming – i waste too much time playing computer games. I play Tacticool these days.
    • I play acoustic guitar. It seems to fit in well with enjoying Kirtan.

Here are my web properties:

  1. The Deep Self – the isolation (tank) life
  2. Isolation-Tank-Gnosis – the simplest and easiest way to perfect meditation and enlightenment. Visit the website for ultra-compact deliveries of this most-excellent religion.
  3. The Quiet Center – at the center of every hurricane is The Quiet Center… it was also a book by John C. Lilly and it is an analogy for the silent-awareful-blissful-choiceless awareness that I AM. It’s a dumping grounds for all sorts of spiritual bric-a-brac.
  4. – devoted to the all-caps-name-constructive-trust-fiction legal name… is’nt it illegal to use a legal name?
  5. METALEVEL CONSULTING is my all-caps-name-corporation…
  6. – I was born May 11, 1969 and hence this site…. wait a minute.. .what was I before I was born? was “I” born? – The gene keys just might have the answer. Or maybe The Modern Mystery School does.
  7. MyMoneyMagick – the money, tax and law underground. Don’t forget: gold is real money. The US dollar is fake and phoney.

Here are my interests

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