Month: October 2022

As a 7k/8k player on OGS, it took me awhile to figure out how I could safely play an ogeima in this position. Here is my analysis.

I was playing a game on Fox this morning (after watching the riveting Nigeria-Germany U17 women’s world cup match… man what a cliffhanger!!!). I came to the following position: As a student of the Clossi approach to move selection, I clearly have a weak group and need to form a base, run away, make eyes […]

A framework game

I’m currently playing a game and am at this position Individually, no group has weaknesses. There also are no particular inter-group opportunities to coordinate and attack against a group. So no we look at framework moves Reduce, invade or grow a moyo “1” is a reduction move that grows my moyo “2” is worse because […]

Understanding Yoga

I saw a post in the reddit flexibility forum and had a few comments to make: First, understand that many yogas do not involve stretching at all Yoga simply means to yoke or join the lower self with the higher self. Bhakti Yoga is devotional yoga it involves prayers and chanting and perhaps some prostrations. […]


This post is a tribute to those people who have earned an exit out of my life. If you are a redditor and reading this, congratulations, I will never see your comments again. And if you dont like my comments/posts then you can follow some simple instructions to do the same. Adios so long, adios!

Quantifying strength and weakness in a Baduk position by using Computer Programming Log Levels: New Vistas in the Clossi Approach to Move Selection

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the Clossi approach to move selection when playing Baduk. That being said, I’ve had some doubts about the actual procedure and have given concrete examples in specific positions of my doubts. Today, for some odd reason, the concept of logging levels in a computer program appeared to […]

The mysterious coming-apart of the Corona Investigative Committee

Perhaps the most central organization in the fight of good (sovereign humans) against bad (big pharma, big banks, big govt, big elites), the Corona Investigative Committee, has now come apart at the seams and apparently there is a fight of good and bad *WITHIN* the Corona Investigative Committee: Reiner Fuellmich is no longer apart of […]

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