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  • Renee Apartments Issues
    Issue 1 – Inadequate advanced notice about tree trimming + confusing info Inadequate Notice Why was I notified at 1:03pm about this? They have been outside since 9am cutting trees… how about 24-48 hours notice? varying info between text and email notifications The email that was sent said; The text message that was sent said:
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  • Easiest Fastest Way to Retire
  • Heavenly Kirtan (Indian Bhajan Chanting)
    Join our meetup group – and look for the “kirtan and bhajan chanting event” Order of Heavenly Kirtan Session Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers I started Kirtan at the Los Angeles Sivananda Center… I was just looking for a yoga studio that had a shower but since the class was free, I took it. Then
  • Meetup with Terrence Brannon
    I host a wide variety of events at my apartment – 2900 NE 17th Ave, Apt 117, Pompano Beach, FL, 33064 Parking Resources
  • Dr. Shiva’s Political Action
    Unlike people who talk, Dr. Shiva has been on the ground:
  • Speaking your mind versus being NVC…
    There is a deleted thread on reddit NVC group where a woman was relating her problem. She was living with a boyfriend who was paying child support and not paying half the rent with her and not doing dishes, etc. Some of the redditors gave her direct feedback instead of the tongue-in-cheek NVC speak… it
  • Independant Presidential Candidates and Their Platforms
    zionism climate change
  • The CARES Act
    I wasnt sure what issues I had with the CARES Act. Now I know:
  • Democracy
    Why Democracy Leads to Tyranny
  • SDK Clossi Approach – a deeper dive into “Am I OK”?
    If you truly use the Clossi approach in the spirit of “Defense First”, getting to 5k and beyond is perfectly possible. In fact, Clossius is a dan-level player and doesnt really do anything crazy and he doesnt hide the fact that he still stands by defense first. That being said, I’m starting to need more
  • Hilarious – Marianne Williamson Successfully Primaries Biden In All 63 Counties Of Astral Plane
  • We cry and hurt with the people of Palestine
    (5)#grassroots #political #revolution occurs by raising #consciousness an… | TikTok
  • Nextdoor and Racial Profiling
    About 2 months ago I flagged a post that I thought was racial profiling… successfully. That was Case number 1…. I didnt save any proof at the time…. Racial Profiling case 3 : Mar 12, 2024 Post was removed Racial Profiling Case Number 2 I warned her that “young black males” was not specific enough.
  • Dr. Shiva can win
    Dr. Shiva can win and this is why. The Phase Transition of a Self-Organizing System is How Dr. Shiva can win: This video is where Dr. Shiva makes it clear how to Shatter The Swarm: What Prigogone showed was that the universe is not mechanistic. That is ONE STATE.In the natural state, the universe is
  • Introduction to Systems Science
    Dr. Shiva feels that Systems Science is the secret weapon to Shatter the Swarm. In this video, Dr. Shiva briefly explains a simple system and an intelligent system. After watching this video your consciousness will be raised and one more person will be a part of the self-organizing system that will shatter the swarm via
  • Precise application of the Clossi Approach to a 7k versus 4k game
    I just lost a blitz game and in reviewing it, i came to this position with Black to move: If you hastily use the Clossi approach, your analysis would be: OK and m3 is a good green move according to KaTrain. Much better than my pseudo-sabaki attempt to build a moyo up top with my
  • The wars that occured under Donald Trump
    Of late, I’ve been hearing more and more people claim that no new wars were started during Donald Trump’s presidency. For instance, just yesterday on Nextdoor, a neighbor said: there were no new wars under Trump’s administration and the conflicts we were in were deescalated. As soon as he left that changed Bob Wilson, a
  • Nextdoor Hijinx
    I like to post stimulating topics on next door… FLAT EARTH? CIGARETTES… And my new hit piece – If you had 2 minutes to tell 1 million people anything you want, what would you say? 84 comments and i’m just getting started (6) If you had 2 minutes to tell 1 million people anything
  • Factual tidbits about Dr. Shiva
    here I collect things that I find interesting. His mother taught math and his father was an engineer Mother’s death his mother passed away around January 2012. Activism