Nextdoor and Racial Profiling

About 2 months ago I flagged a post that I thought was racial profiling… successfully. That was Case number 1…. I didnt save any proof at the time….

Racial Profiling case 3 : Mar 12, 2024

Post was removed

Racial Profiling Case Number 2

I warned her that “young black males” was not specific enough. The crowd laughed and sided with her. She changed it to “young black adults” which still was not adequate according to the nextdoor policies on reporting a crime.

She already had the assistance of police, so flagging and removing the post wasnt really harming anything – nextdoor people cant assist to nearly the degree that law enforcement can. So I filed a report:

And it was removed on 3/3/2024

Regretfully, all of the people that congratulated Priscila are still unaware of the proper way to report. Priscila will find out. But hopefully it wont matter and she wont be reporting a 4th attempted theft at her house.

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