Dr. Shiva 4 President

the people HAVE ARISEN in a bottoms-up movement! Dr Shiva is running for president and plans to Shatter the Swarm. And as long as he hits his goals of educating people in the science of systems, getting enough votes should be straightforward. Unfortunately, Dr. Shiva is well-aware that elections are actually selections because of voter fraud. But as the bottoms-up support from the working class grows, the elite will have no choice but to acknowledge that he is the desired candidate.

Websites to learn more about him:

  1. www.TruthFreedomHealth.com
  2. VASHIVA.com
  3. Shiva4President.com

Systems Science is the secret of the elite to control the masses

he wrote a book-trilogy called “Systems Health” that breaks down into:

  1. The Science of Everything – how systems science integrates everything from the microscopic to intergalactic.
  2. Your Body your System – an amazing integration of eastern medicine and western systems science
  3. Your system your life – using systems science to engineer your life goals

He taught Systems Science at MIT… and systems science is the secret of the Elite that he is providing to the masses.

  1. Ph.D. from MIT in Biological Engineering + 3 other degrees from MIT
  2. wrote several books on Systems and how they apply to different domains
  3. Won a Fulbright scholarship and went to India he mapped out Ayurveda to an open system

He invented email – that’s right, at age 14 he invented it and at age 18 he copyrighted it.

He is the CEO of Cytosolve, a company that develops combination therapies without animal testing. He has a history of winning and launched 6 other companies.

Once 10,000 normal people learn the Science of Systems, the elite can no longer control the masses!


Dr. Shiva exposes all the corruption in Trump, Rogan, Tucker Carlson, RFK, Alex Jones:

See my BrightEON channel to see his viewpoints on many issues or heck, visit his YouTube channel. He’s so good that youtube de-monetized him. He educates on the establishment (the swarm) AND the not-so-obvious establishment, aka controlled-opposition.

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