Fun with Meditation!

I mean concentration, I mean… never mind… OK, here are bunch of meditations that you can do, 1 per day or 1 per hour or 1 per 1/2-day or something like that:

  1. “The things which are seen are temporary, the things which are unseen are eternal” – spend your day staring at all sorts of seen things and noting that they are temporary. If you have a memory about the past, you can go: “man, that sure was temporary.”
  2. Day 2 should be spent observing the 2-way balanced thinking: notice how when you stomaach gets big, air comes in and as the stomach shrinks, air goes out. two-way thinking. Not one-pointed focus.
  3. Focus on the 3rd eye – keep your attention there all day.
  4. Space – pay attention to the space of allowance for all acts.
  5. I AM BALANCE – thus spaketh God to Walter Russell. SHOULD YE NEED 2 WORDS, I AM RHYTHMIC BALANCE. SHOULD YE NEED 3, I AM RHYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE. Spend all day knowing that you have no free will and could not escape balance even if you tried.
  6. Orgasm the involuntary. Not climax. No, not the 10-second party. Even though that is a part of orgasm. But anyway, how about you notice how involuntary so much of what “you” do is. And surrender into the involuntary. Women are dying to let down their vigilance center so they can surrender into the involuntary.
  7. Expect Good – I will never forget being at the 1st Church of Christian Science in Columbus, OH. I looked in the eyes of that 80-90 year-old woman and she told the whole room, “expect good” – she told us how she had been a little child in that same church in that same kids room decades ago and still loved the results of expecting good.
  8. Expect the unexpected every moment – these are the instructions that John C. Lilly obtained from E.C.C.O. (Earth Coincidence Control Center). I like doing this.
  9. Radiate loving-kindness. Thanks John Drais. Well, you can radiate it to others or bathe yourself in it.
  10. Gratitude. Many thanks to Maryann Tomko for this one. What are you grateful for? Keep thinking of things you are grateful for.
  11. Look at your body as if you are looking at someone else. Go ahead, do it. It will allow you to drop the body at the moment of death, laughing instead of being attached. Shot out to for this one.
  12. Spend a whole day doing “inhibiting” as defined in the Alexander Technique
  13. Observe the solid spots on your body – with an idea towards what Mary Baker Eddy said about sensation in organs and health
  14. Observe the solid spots in the body – with an idea towards what Palle discussed in Free Solo Processing.
  15. Barrier study – pay attention to the sense of boundary between you and other. What does it feel like?

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