Month: August 2022

Comprehensive application configuration may occur in code, config-files and command-line interfaces… and a robust Python object system should support all 3

Coming fresh off the heels of the frequently discussed topic of should config files be plain Python and coming fresh off the heels of the announcement of 2 new command-line interface generators, I felt it was time to weigh in on the simple fact that: An industrial strength application may need to be seamlessly configured […]

“ALL professionals know better: in … Middle Game, territory is not important, but strength and weakness of groups [is]”. A review of my game today.

The following quote is very relevant to the game I just lost: In ancient China, people were not scoring territory at all, but instead just the stones on the board. So originally, Go was about “gaining life for as many stones as possible” instead of territory. Building a territory – i.e. an area where no opponent’s stones […]

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