Month: September 2022

“A Farewell to Virology” by Dr. Mark & Dr. Samantha Bailey

Truth Comes to light reports; Abstract Virology invented the virus model but has consistently failed to fulfil its own requirements The aim of this essay is to provide refutations to various claims that pathogenic viruses exist and cause disease. SARS-CoV-2 has been used as the main example but the principles apply to all alleged viruses. […]

Flash Goban – a tool to assist in making Flashcards of KaTrain missed opportunities

Since my ddk days, i have been manually making flashcards of my missed opportunities. katrain shows me what i missed and i manually make screenshots of the position with and without analysis markers. i finally automated the process and the result is flash goban. This video should give you a good idea of how it […]

Yoga Lineages Descended from Sivananda

Sivananda Saraswati lived from 1887 – 1963. Sivananda can be considered one of two grandfathers of many modern yoga schools, with Krishnamacharya being the other. Numerous organizations have emerged from his teaching. The most famous is “Sivananda Yoga” developed by Swami Vishnudevananda. “Sivananda Yoga-Vedanta centers” might be the most widespread yoga system on Planet Earth. […]

Downgrades and Upgrades to the Rating of Pure Python Web Application Solutions

Rather than create a new blog post each time that a pure python web application is upgraded or downgraded, I figured one reverse-chronological post was better. 2022, Sept 9: Transcrypt is no longer a Class A Pure Python Web Application solution Transcrypt is fully-featured. It is well-documented. Through the years, responses to community questions have […]

Concerns about Skulpt underlying Anvil… resolved!

What I’m trying to do: Estimate the reliability of skulpt as the basis for Anvil What I’ve tried and what’s not working: I maintain the pure python web application survey guide and currently have Anvil rated as a Class A framework, meaning that it is industrial strength, well-maintained, well-documented with good support channels. My concern […]

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