Month: November 2022

The Pace. The Power. Goodbye

Lineth Beerensteyn is a terrifying player to watch if you’re the opposition. I would say that her and Diani from the French team are the two most terrifying workhorses to have to deal with. Enough bulk to withstand defensive charges but blistering pace to leave defenders in the dust. Below, she puts Juventus in the […]

Samuel Eto’o’s picks for the 2022 World Cup were ridiculous, but the comment replies were hilarious

Here is what Samuel Eto’o predicted for World Cup 2022 The replies were hilarious intravenous hopium 30cc He’s an African not an Africant It’s so ridiculous that I genuinely don’t know whether he has confused the word “prediction” with “dream” More like least sober Eto’o ever Maybe Eto’o already knows which […]

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