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So how are you doing? – financially – My income is $5000/mo from my job and my spending is $7500/mo… miraculously, I am not overdrawn and in fact have 4K in the bank. – spiritually: doing some Izunome but primarily focused on the integration of diet with spiritual clearing as discussed in Klaus Wolfram: “Fruits: […]


– financially – amazingly I am doing well. I have a work from home computer job which allows me plenty of time to focus on my home business. It pays less than an office job, but I have to find a true 2nd source of income with real retirement potential – spiritually – getting serious […]


– financially I just starting using an online budget program. My income from computer programming $4500 but my spending each month is $2000 to $6000 more than that. Screenshot – It’s sobering when you actually see the numbers right in front of your eyes. My mom wants me to work on improving the budget, […]

So how are you doing?

– financially I am on an even keel. I took a job in California. I accepted the job while living in New York. I drove across the country, heedless of all the doubters. Steady income. A bit low for my skill set but being employed versus consulting is a good thing. I have a consolidation […]

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