Month: July 2022’s Next Course Begins on September 24th, 2022

July 2022 – Meditation Newsletter from Vipassanā Fellowship “Inner stillness is necessary if we are to be in perfect control of our faculties and if we are to hear the voice of the Spirit speaking to us.” – Bede Griffiths September Meditation Course – 10 Weeks online  Vipassanā Fellowship’s meditation course has been offered online […]

The German Defense: the deciding factor in the tension-packed faceoff between Germany and France

The first two goals in this game were the result of world-class dynamic play: neither side made any mistakes. The offense won out on the first two goals by inches. Germany [1] – France [0] The ball is played to where neither a German player or French player is. But Alexandra Popp races over and […]

Baroness Walensky uses her unilateral legislative powers to Make the NFL Safe Again

In her ongoing efforts to stop the spread of common sense, Global Tyrant-in-Training Rochelle Walensky came down from on-high to enforce new measures on the National Football League: “We don’t play favorites” said self-appointed-commander-in-chief-forever Rochelle Walensky. “What the $cience says is what we enforce until better $$$cience comes along”. And so, even though face masks […]

Pure Python Web Application Development – NO CSS, HTML, or Javascript needed or wanted!

Practical Introduction This guide is designed to help you find a pure Python web application development solution fast. If you want theory, see the “Theoretical Introduction” section below. Otherwise just jump right to the practical guide and choose what works for you. Theoretical Introduction Welcome to 100% pure python web development. Sayonara to the HTML/JS/CSS […]

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