Who am I?

I was a HAI workshop and we did an exercise where we went around asking things “Who Are you?”… So I went and asked a tree: “Who are you?” and it immediately replied: “who are you?” as if to say:

You’ve carved out a you and made a me and you have the nerve to ask me Who I Am once you have limited me down.

Anyway, here is some information on me.

What am I?

In Kwan Um Zen, that is the question they ask over and over. And you know what? Every answer that comes up, no matter how positive or negative, delightful/disgusting, (pick your particular craving and aversion), no matter how identified with it or dissociated from it you are, is not the real you – YOU are the one looking at all that mental chatter go by with all its stories of gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, etc and so forth.

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