– financially
I just starting using an online budget program. My income from
computer programming $4500 but my spending each month is $2000 to
$6000 more than that.
Screenshot – https://www.evernote.com/l/ATU-Lg5vdMtAeasX1diDcpk9X9goe2rM-IoB/image.png
It’s sobering when you actually see the numbers right in front of your
My mom wants me to work on improving the budget, but there really is
no hope. I need more income and I actually need exponentially growing
income because some of the compound interest from credit cards keeps
– spiritually
Hmm, I’m enjoying my studies with Lafayette Morehouse, the people who
gave Nicole Daedone the ideas for OneTaste and Orgasmic Meditation. I
became interested in doing TR-0 and reconnected with Harold Ruder to
see about doing that.
My main thing is floatation tanks because you can do it all by
I got banned from the Palo Alto Orgasmic Meditation community. They
kicked me out without really explaining why.
– personally
I’m very lonely in California. I’m all by myself out here. I’m glad to
be leaving on Sept 1 or earlier.
– professionally
Lyoness has been around all this time, but I never had the training on
how to properly present it. It really is time to create additional
income streams beyond programming. At the same time, I need a
programming job that pays $70 to 90 per hour instead of the $45 per
hour I’m getting now. The advantage of the current job is that I get
to work remotely, which gives me time to pour into networking with my
home business.
– emotionally
I live with other 5 people. I’m paying $1300 for 1 bedroom in a
5-bedroom house. That’s a lot of money. But I think I am just frozen
over emotionally because I dont want to get too self-interested in
this group situation.
– mentally
Theoretically, I’m about to blow the lid off of Lyoness because I have
some strong networkers added to my team. But it’s wise not to count
chickens before they hatch.
– diet
I saw an animal slaughter video. Man, oh man. Should I ever eat meat
– sexuality
Um, what sexuality? I personally choose not to pursue any homosexual
activity. It’s easy to get and women are hard to get, but I dont want
to be involved in homosexual activity.
– big questions
None. I realize that I am involved in deficit spending, but I also see
no solution in a single steady paycheck. The key is exponential growth
through an ever-expanding network of people or through compounded
returns from investments. I am pursuing all of them aggressively. I am
pouring every dime into gaining wealth and not saving or budgeting to
simply pay bills for the next 20-40 years.
I dont want to be a part of the 40-40-40 plan: work for 40 hours per
day for 40 years, and then retire on 40% of what you used to make when
you could barely live on 100% of it!
– big concerns
I’m afraid of driving back across the country from California to South
Carolina because of the police brutality I have witnessed. I do
believe that I create my reality, but at the same-time I am afraid of
being harrassed by the cops.
– where do you see yourself in the next week
working on my Lyoness materials. Taking the “Man/woman” course at
lafayette morehouse. I think this course is going to blow my mind. It
will really tell me how women think and what they really want and how
they want it. I’ve lived 45+ years and still dont know how to relate
to a woman. I also dont know if I have enough time to change my
thought patterns for that. I might have deeper things to take care of.
– where do you see yourself in the next month
I should be in Texas by Sept 2 to shake the hands of some major
contacts in network marketing who will build my Lyoness business.
– where do you see yourself in the next year
I should have a healthy income from Lyoness by then.
– where do you see yourself in the next 5 years
My focus will be on my Isolation Tank religion by then.
– where do you see yourself in the next 10 years
Hopefully with very little need for food or sex – I think I will be
constantly orgasmic at all times.
– where do you see yourself in the next 20 years
More isolation tank fun. Maybe 5 wives, one of each race.
– where do you see yourself in the next 50 years
Dead as a doornail 😉
I think a good question for this update is: what do you see as your
major personality defect? For me, my personality defect is that I do
my best to be misunderstood and to have something that is valuable
that others cannot understand. This leads to frustration and lack of
success because they cannot see the brilliance.

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