What happened to the Advaita Show on the Podcast Network?

I really used to enjoy listening to The Advaita Show on The Podcast Network. It seems that Cameron Reilly and Sailor Bob Adamson had a parting of ways? I dont know. Anyway, I found a radio station that plays a lot of the old episodes.
And I also uploaded the episodes I had here. Just search for “tpn advaita” on archive.org

2 thoughts on “What happened to the Advaita Show on the Podcast Network?

  1. Hey, Cameron here! No – we didn’t have a parting of the way. I still chat to Bob regularly. He got bored doing the show and I moved to Brisbane about 8 years ago. Then TPN ran out of money and many of the old shows went offline. I still have the Advaita Show episodes archived on a drive somewhere and I intend on putting them back online when I get time. But it looks like you’ve already done that for me!

    1. Hi Cameron, I still remember one thing you mentioned on this show: “Spend a week of your life as if you have no free will.” Anyway, I am missing these episodes and would love to complete my set – 002, 039, 040, 041, 042

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