Play by Play, 7k versus 11k!

I’m playing a correspondence game on OGS and as soon as I saw a certain move by my opponent, I thought I would blog the critical positions in our game.

Good beginner YouTube Stream

My opponent wanted feedback on the opening. I referred him to Shygost’s list which has a section called “priorities in the opening” but then also made the point that the way to get stronger at Go is Tsumego, not studying the opening. Sure, get a basic feel, but get strong at knowing when the opponent group can be killed… but at the same time, PROFIT from the threat of a kill, dont actually try to kill!

So anyway, this 1k player has a good beginner youtube channel. It’s called Strugglebus. He seems like a nice person.

I played an Ogeima

My opponent was wondering about the large knight’s move enclosure I played between R16 and O17:

it can certainly be invaded and it basically means that you do not claim the corner: the opponent might invade and get the corner but you get outside influence.

The large knight’s move is the move suggested by KaTrain… which of course has much deeper lookahead than me. But it certainly is a playable move.

A Rather Passive Opening Move

My opponent just played this move as Black:

My comment on this move is that it is rather passive. I would suggest C14 or C17…

the move my opponent played is a good splitting move if Q4 was a White stone.

With all this being said, a person slightly stronger than me is playing in a similar passive way in a different correspondence game that might be worth following.

3 corners, unfinished joseki

The first thing I notice about this position is that Black did not finish the joseki in the upper left. It is common to play ‘1’ or ‘2’ next as Black in that joseki. So, I should be looking to play at ‘1’ or ‘2’ or maybe a bit closer to punish Black for ignoring the joseki.

also, Black did not extend to ‘3’ so i can hane his group B.

I might be looking at a reduction along the line from A to B at some point.

4 is a comfortable invasion.

Am I ahead because of 3 corners?

My opponent feels I am well ahead because of 3 corners. I would not say it is that simple. I counted the points and it does seem that I have more points. But that is a static advantage. If Black can use his influence he can turn moyo into much more territory.

What does White play now?

I am choose to punish Black for not playing ‘1’ or ‘2’. While typically the way to punish is to play the move your opponent would play, I think I will be more severe by playing at ‘5’ or ‘6’

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