dwyrin behavior concerns

I had my personal concerns about dwyrin and his Twitch channel and this reddit thread confirmed why I dont follow this person anymore.

in the stream I watched he was openly mocking and ridiculing his opponent’s moves (he was playing someone much weaker, I think it was one of those “get from low rank to high rank” series all go streamers like to do). That’s basically the reason I don’t watch his videos at all


Dwyrim’s content reminds me of Master Chef. I have no idea if all editions of Master Chef are the same, but the one episode I watched of my country’s edition, it seems like the whole premise is the judges berating the contestants, and that that’s the whole reason a lot of people watch it. Sure, Dwyrim’s not as bad because the other person isn’t there, and isn’t watching either, but I still felt really dirty watching it. Like, that’s not a nice attitude.


To teach basics to whom? The people he’s playing against aren’t learning, and I don’t think watching someone insult somebody else makes for a great learning environment.


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