Pixonic = Pigs On It

War Robots, made by Pixonic, is a brilliantly engineered piece of software – the amazing detail, clever robots, well designed maps, great sounds. it is a very engrossing game. That being said, they appear to be doing some things in the name of cashflow that appear questionable.

Severely reduced rewards for selling weapons

A reddit thread pointed out how much less you get for selling weapons. As one person said

WHAT!?! They’ve literally taken 93.2% of its original value away! That’s like if your $100 bill was only worth $6.80!!! Idk, this just seems like a total and blatant slap in the face to FTP. I’m a light spender but I relied on selling unused equipment to make silver. The new leadership really seems to be sharks in bloody water when it comes to trying to make a profit vs creating a loyal player base… this is just sad.


The game is addicting and it seems they feed on that

Already uninstalled game. Was addicted to it. Stopped paying for game.

Using the same money for juices n coffees. Few small Amazon gadgets. Beers. Life’s really good after uninstalling.


People are hard-up and spend tons of money to get the pilots and equipment they want

 I spent 15k gold trying to get him by refreshing. You have till 10pm your time i believe.


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