Precise application of the Clossi Approach to a 7k versus 4k game

I just lost a blitz game and in reviewing it, i came to this position with Black to move:

If you hastily use the Clossi approach, your analysis would be:

  1. am I OK? yeah, yeah, I’m fine. The clock is running down. hurry and move!
  2. is my opponent OK? I suppose so. F16 is a light stone, not a weak stone. so my opponent is OK
  3. let’s play a big move… ok cool. I dont like how big white is threatening to be on the bottom and right so let’s cut into White’s cash on the bottom with M3

OK and m3 is a good green move according to KaTrain. Much better than my pseudo-sabaki attempt to build a moyo up top with my next move.

But let’s precisely apply the Clossi approach and see what move we come up with using this mark-up of the position:

  1. am I OK? No. Because the A group is a big wall that is radiating out influence as far as the Blue circle. and the B stone can make strong, connected moves to 1 or 2. So the Black group up top is in more hot water than it looks like.

Now that we are not OK, we MUST make a move that strengthens us and weakens the opponent at the 7k level… no more just making a base or running away: we get stronger and the opponent gets weaker. Thus the suggested AI move (which I will not be mentioning here) makes total sense instead of just playing M3.

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