People Pick on Pixonic for being Perfectly Perpetual

Right there where you are, are you using a device that is 10 years old? 5 years old? 2 years old? Whatever you are using it is more upgraded and everything you used to use is obsolete. In my lifetime, the following things are now obsolete:

  • 8-track tape players
  • phonograph discs
  • compact discs
  • tape players
  • VHS players

In every domain, the old simply doesnt cut it anymore.

So what Pixonic is doing in Wallet War Robots is perfect

they devalue old things and make them obsolete and if you want the latest greatest modern conveniences you pay handsomely for them.

I have a $2,000 phone – a Samsung Galaxy Fold 4. The latest model, solves all the old problems and allows me to be the rich, 1st world power user that I am.

I have a Lenovo Legion 5 gaming laptop with Nvidia card. It is far better than my old acer nitro 5. I had to pay for the latest and greatest and I am glad I did.

My 700,000 HP Luchador was ground to dust by an Angler

The angler had basically no HP but some sort of Aegist shield. I lost the battle without it even being close. Then I lost to this angler again. One time it was “sinister claw” the other time it was “electric shift”.

Are there better things to do with time and money?

maybe. But I find War Robots very well-engineered. Clever maps, great sounds, unique properties of robots and weapons. So I will keep being a punching bag for people who pay tons of money for the latest and greatest.

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