I know that modern AI strongly prefers corners, but this is ridiculous. Can anyone explain why S19 is so important?

I was reviewing my 3rd NAOL match and after my opponent’s move 50, guess where the AI wanted me to play:

that’s right – S19. What sense is there in playing S19 when the response is a casual S3 or T2? White’s left is getting big and the White group in the lower right deserves attention because:

  1. It doesnt have much base and is floating
  2. It might turn into a big centrol moyo.

Now, 6 moves later, White still has 2 potential moyos that need to be reduced/invaded at what is the AI jumping up and down about?

That’s right… S19. wtf?! But the situation with the left side and lower right is getting even better for White…

The only thing I can think is that White cannot easily ignore the move because running would be difficult or profitable for Black?

And even at move 98 Katago is still jumping up and down and screaming PLAY S19!!!!!!!

I definitely need to spend more time on Tsumego.

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