The wars that occured under Donald Trump

Of late, I’ve been hearing more and more people claim that no new wars were started during Donald Trump’s presidency. For instance, just yesterday on Nextdoor, a neighbor said:

there were no new wars under Trump’s administration and the conflicts we were in were deescalated. As soon as he left that changed

Bob Wilson, a nextdoor neighbor of mine

It’s time for me to refute this claim.

What is war?

Cambridge Dictionary has multiple definitions of war. If we use the definition that involves armed combat, then this probably did not occur during Trump’s first presidency…. yes I am going ahead and picking him to win in 2024 and for Dr. Shiva to be a serious contender in 2028. But let’s go on to this definition of war:

any situation in which there is strong competition between opposing sides or a great fight against something harmful

Cambridge Dictionary definition of war number c2.

Something Harmful Number 1: destroying free speech

Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech. Any law abridging freedom of speech is therefore harmful. In 2018 when Donald Trump put his signature to CISA he laid siege to the first amendment.

Unlike a war declared openly, he simply attacked his enemy (people who value Truth, Freedom and Health) with his signature without warning. The opposing side, those who value free speech, were thus at war with his decision.

Something Harmful Number 2: operation warp speed

The attempt of Anthony Fauci to engage in Scientism (as opposed to science) and declare that a corona virus exists and is harmful was supported by Donald Trump and his operation warp speed even though expert advice advised against lockdowns, masks and vaccines.

The casualties from this vaccine are more than World War 2 and the Vietnam war combined.

So we see another war started. The “something harmful” this time:

  1. inability to question the existence of the corona virus
  2. inability to question to evidence for germ theory and infection from a virus
  3. inability to question the so-called COVID test and the administration of the test
  4. the removal of alternative forms of therapy from the CDC website such as ivermectin
  5. the legal assault on people suggesting natural therapy by the FDA
  6. the loss of the ability to work
  7. the invasion of privacy regarding health matters.

so we see 7 harmful items above and we know that Donald Trump awarded Anthony Fauci a medal of honor just before leaving office. He declared war on American freedom of thought and action. But again, the war occurred without a direct declaration. The war was waged under the guise of scientism. Hundreds of degreed scientists signed The Great Barrington Declaration in opposition to the scientific and medical theater completely lacking in scientific rigor. Yet The Swarm with Donald Trump at the helm maintained the opposing side of this most destructive war.

Hitler did something similar in Nazi Germany

Hitler convinced the public that Jews represented a health risk and should be sent to Quarantine camps. The term “concentration camps” was invented later to hide the use of scientism to mind-control the general public.

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