The fact that a single stone placed in the vital point of a group reveals the awesome power that a single stone can wield over a massive set of opponent stones. In the following examples, we see how to setup and win complex fights by choosing the right time to use a single stone against a group of opponent stones.

Smacked on the shoulder for going after the open skirt…

I finished a game against a person who doesnt even say hello when they play. But anyway… early in the game I was at this position:

The attack on the open skirt was a good move. Now because White has just been shoulder hit, the instinct is to play at 1 or 2… but those are not the strongest moves…. I have to admit I dont understand why I should leave the local fight for the best move, which is 3.

Is any human strong and confident enough to Play D4 in this position?

I think the title says it all … my upper right is subject to aji and yet katago suggests playing D4….

I played out a few variations and if Black is not careful his C7 stone can get separated from the corner group.

Let’s jump in before it’s too late …

From this position, we can see that White has substantial thickness in the upper right. Still, it feels scary to launch an attack on group A.

But I can form a base and also run out towards other White stones, so I guess it should not be scary…

But if you think that’s tough, look at this:

Even in this position, the best move is to leap in up top!

Final example: YOU have the weakness NOT ME!

I played this game on Fox awhile back which I find a bit disturbing. First of all, as you can see, the advantage graph was in the opponent’s favor from start to finish:

At any rate, it’s time to show who really has the weakness…

As the game progressed, I played a sub-optimal response to the 2-space low pincer and ended up in this position. and you can see the suggested move is to cut Black’s ogeima but I dont really have the confidence to play it.

Over time, I guess the confidence will come…


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  1. do blacks in r2 die or live? There are two options: life through ko if the opponent makes a mistake or death if he plays correctly)) Have a look. Option 1 KO life: white-S2 b-R1 w-t3 b-s3 w-t2 black ko move b-q2 w-p3 b-p2 !!! Option 2 white-s2 b-r1 w-t3 b-s3 w-q2 and black died

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