I am so grateful that PyPI authors develop libraries for human beings

You cannot imagine the relief that swept through my being when I read that PyAutoGUI is a cross-platform GUI automation Python module for human beings. As a human being, I was really worried for a second that it might only be available for my pet gopher…. or given that it is a Python library, maybe only reptiles would be able to use it.

The generosity doesn’t stop there

Not to be outdone, Kenneth Reitz has released requests, which is …. HTTP for Humans™. I guess when my neighbor’s Parrot wants to say “Polly wants a cracker” she will have to find a different library to make her request because Requests IS HTTP FOR HUMANS and Polly frankly does not qualify.

What was this Al Sweigart guy thinking when he developed humre???

humre is billed as A human-readable regular expression module for Python.


Are you too busy writing books to pull your head out of the sand and develop a module for humans? Last time I checked Python was perfectly fine with

import re

this Sweigart character needs to up his marketing game a bit and re-bill humre as regular expressions for humans.

And he better hurry up. because word on the street is that pregex is about to be renamed regex4humans and you can bet that every human being is going to flock to the module for humans.

Let’s go ahead and get something straight

Unless a PyPI module makes it clear that it is for humans, I will not be downloading it or using it as part of my tech stack. If a HUMAN BEING doesnt have the sense of humanity to develop a PyPI library for other HUMAN BEINGs then they dont deserve my attention.

And when it comes to packaging, pipenv has my back because…

My what a wonderful humane world we live in. I feel better already.

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