My gradual assault on belly fat begins…

So I registered for LA Fitness because it was getting too cold to use the ocean for my daily bath… and luckily I caught the Black Friday special. As I was checking in, I was told that I had 29 percent body fat and a BMR of 33… both in the range that threatens diabetes for a person my age. I ruminated over some options for reducing body fat:

I thought of buying an iTeraCare Wand based on this amazing transformation of belly fat in 20 days:

but the daily protocol of holding it near acupuncture points did not appeal to me.

LA Fitness wanted to put me on a fitness program of strength and cardio for a reasonable price. And the trainers certainly looked great. But I didnt want to reduce carbs and increase protein – I really like the McDougall Starch-based vegan diet. Also showing up at specific times can be a pain since I joined a new group at work. And I was also fearful that the strength training would hamper my flexibility.

I like running

The starch-based diet that I am convinced is the right diet plays nicely with the fact that some of the world’s greatest runners, the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico, have a diet primarily of crushed corn and other starches.

Day 1

Well I was shocked that LA Fitness did not have manuals on how to use the treadmill. And so I called customer service and obtained the manual. They have some very sophisticated training routines. I chose the fat burn routine at a speed of 3.5 mph for 12 minutes. I only lasted 4 minutes and a quarter of a mile.

So it gives me something to shoot for.

Day Whatever – eat, sleep, high, association

My desire to eat is much less after walking 20 minutes (plus 5 minute cool down)

Instead there is a desire to go into a long sleep. during which I can feel blood pulsing strongly in my body

I get very agitated while walking – very impatient. However, I’m starting to think it has to do with my heart rate being elevated: in other words, in many cases, a high heart rate occurs during stressful situations and the elevation of my heart rate by walking is leading the mind to create a sense of panic or urgency to escape.

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