Are you a truth-seeker? Ok, well, what is truth?

“Truth” is an important concept, but one that carries multiple meanings which we will explore in the context of some quotes from “The Theology of Consensus” by L.A. Kauffman –

Since there is but one Truth, its Spirit, if followed will produce unity

For over 300 years the members of the Society of Friends (Quakers) have been making group decisions without voting. Their method is to find a ‘sense of the meeting’ which represents a consensus of those involved. Ideally this consensus is not simply ‘unanimity,’ or an opinion on which all members happen to agree, but a ‘unity’: a higher truth which grows from the consideration of divergent opinions and unites them all.

OK, so now let’s look at “Truth” from a few perspectives:

The Holy Roller

for the Holy Roller, Truth boils down to: “God said it, I believe it and that’s all there is to it”… Truth does not change for this person. And when such a person prays to God, he receives The Truth.

Peer Pressure, Quaker consensus and Gaslighting

I once saw a video of the Palo Alto, CA police force putting pressure on a Mexican to the point that he was convinced that he committed a crime even though he did not. This is known as gaslighting – when you start to question your own sanity because of outside forces.

I’ve witnessed similar psychological manipulation at so-called Quaker consensus. The same people who went into silence to commune with the Lord would come to business meeting with their sword drawn for battle, ready to get their way about a business issue no-matter-what. The patience to “wait for the Lord” in meeting was replaced with impatience to have your way no matter what others felt.

The Scientist

There is no truth in Science, only more or less data to support a hypothesis

Gary Luthin, Professor of Neurobiology, Hahnemann University

Truth is a verb: it dynamically converts matter, energy and information into information

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, candidate for US President, scientist, inventor

And now let’s look at one of the most stunning quotes ever made:

So when the majority gets their way, it does not mean that the decision made was true, right or good.

If 3 million people think 2 + 2 equals 22 and you can provide evidence otherwise, then you are still correct, even though they are consistent (to put it in Chemistry terms).

The Spiritual Entrepreneur

Imagination is the stuff that truth is made out of

For the spiritual entrepreneur, Truth is personal and based on your conviction, it becomes reality for others.

Nothing in this room means anything

Exercise 1, A Course in Miracles Workbook

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