How I ended up settling on a Lenovo Pro 5i

So i wanted to spend 2grand or less and I wanted 1-2tb of SSD, 32gigs ram and something to play games with. And I DID NOT want to buy something I couldnt try out and I didnt want to have to have something delivered and wait a week. So good bye new egg, good bye best buy, good bye walmart and hello Micro Center of Duluth.

You know when Num lock is on and off

it gives a screen indication plus there is a light on num lock

It has num lock

some keyboards dont even have num lock

Page down and page up have dedicated keys

instead of having to press alt or control or whatever to page up and page down, there are dedicated keys (instead of overloading arrow keys)

control key is large enough

to this day, caps lock is larger than control and not nearly as widely used…. but I’ll manage.

no problems with seeing what keys to press

cant say that of the Acer Nitro 5 i had for the past century. i would be in the dark physically and then in the dark figuratively because I could not see the keys… they would only backlight when i pressed something… and that something usually futzed up what I was doing!

sound quality

i went to youtube, put on a song and was impressed with the audio… HP Omen lost out big time on this… not to mention the unnatural spacing of keys… 2tb of disk space was not enough to overcome these drawbacks. Plus the omen’s sound quality was hideous.

i spend a lot of time typing. it better be intuitive

I dont know why this is last, when it is perhaps the highest priority. If typing is not zen-like, then dont get the laptop… and hopefully you can try it at the same height as you normally type.

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