How to decide on the next move as Black in this position?

I reached this position in a correspondence game:

Now, as a student of the Clossius approach, my analysis went like so:

Am I in trouble?

No. Nothing of mine is being threatened for its life.

Is the opponent in trouble?

Sort of. The White group ‘A’ has an open skirt and after playing ’22, I could monkey jump in and take some eye space.

If neither question 1 or 2 is true, then play a big move:

  1. well Black’s upper right could use some enclosure. But what is the best enclosure move? 3?4?5?6?
  2. But playing at ‘1’ looks good because it is big but also somewhat threatening.
  3. I could look at reducing White’s moyo on the lower right.
  4. I didnt notice this final observation until I started making this diagram: the stones marked “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” are starting to make a box in the center. Therefore instead of the open skirt attack at ‘1’, I might look at the fourth line move so I can eat away at the central moyo?

Urgent, urgent

at this point in this game, I feel nervous. I feel like I need to play 1 stone and bag up the victory.

I think the Foreigner song was invented for me and my thinking while playing Go:

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