Do we need a revision to the Clossi approach to move selection?

I really like the Clossi approach to move selection. It gives me a non-emotional way to look at the Go board. However, I want to ask if there is a need for a revision in the approach based on this Go position from this game:

so using the Clossi approach, the first question is ‘am i ok?’ and the answer for Black is obviously no: black is surrounded and might die very soon. From there the Clossi approach says that Black should;

  1. make a base
  2. run away
  3. make eye space
  4. play a vital point

so using these recommendations, we might play ‘1’ followed by ‘2’, ‘3’ and ‘4’ to make a base and make an eye….

However, KataGo suggests playing ‘X’ for good reasons. And those reasons are based around asking the second question in the Clossi approach: ‘is the opponent ok?’

A new way to enumerate the questions in the Clossi approach?

maybe question 1 should have the following list of items instead of just the four mentioned above:

  1. counter-attack an opponent weakness
  2. make a base
  3. run away
  4. make eye space
  5. play a vital point.

in other words instead of the 4 defensive suggestions listed in the Clossi approach, make the highest priority suggestion to press on your opponents weakness to fix your problems.

One thought on “Do we need a revision to the Clossi approach to move selection?

  1. Good write up! The main idea is “force before you act”. This overrides all other principles.

    #1 always look for useful forcing moves first.

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