Won Buddhism in a Nutshell

I thought it would be nice to have a single page with all the material you need to establish a good practice in Won Buddhism on a single page. I culled my material from scanning youtube videos as well as various official sites.

So let this video play to motivate you to the practice of Won Buddhism:

And while watching it, understand these simple meditation instructions

Of course, the suggestion to multitask goes against the suggestions given by Rev Ohun in this beautiful talk about how she grew up and how it relates to her Won Buddhist practice

The instructions below were only found at Won Buddhism LA. Other won sites wanted to charge $50 for consulting with a minister, sheesh.

The method of sitting meditation is simple enough for anyone to learn and practice.

1.    After spreading out a sitting mat and seating oneself comfortably in a cross-legged position, align the head and spine in an upright posture.

2.    Gently bring your focus down to Danjeon and, without dwelling on even one thought, become aware only of the energy that gathered at the Danjeon. If the mind becomes distracted, the energy diffuses. Refocus and bring your attention back to the Danjeon. Do not neglect, then and there, to pull yourself together and bring the energy to rest.

3.    Keep your breathing smooth and even, making inhalation a little longer and stronger and exhalation a little shorter and softer. 

4.    It is essential to always keep the eyes open to prevent drowsiness. You may try meditation with eyes closed when the energy of the spirit is refreshed and there is no risk of drowsiness.

5.    Always keep the mouth closed. When the water energy ascends and the fire energy descends after lengthy practice, clear and smooth saliva will flow continuously from the salivary glands, which you may gather in the mouth and swallow occasionally.

6.    The spirit should be ever alert in its calmness and ever calm in its alertness. If the spirit becomes dim, collect the mind to refresh the spirit; if it lapses into wandering thoughts, restore it with right mindfulness. Rest in the realm of your original nature, which is effortless and spontaneous in its natural state.

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