How do you decide which cutting point to attack?

I was just playing a game where my opponent left 5 cutting `points:

I wasnt sure where to cut

I wasnt sure what proverb to use to think about cutting

so I just did some reading and here is where I was thinking:

If I can cut at 3 in sente then I can follow that with L16 and then kill the entire Black top easily…. therefore if I cut at 2 which threatens to cut at 1 and capture either the 2-stone group or the 1-stone, then I guess I should play at 2

On the other hand….

I can start the cutting-festival at 3 and then when Black defends his top group, I can cut at 2 and then when he defends that, the cut at 1 guarantees me either the 2-stone group or the 1-stone

Go is a game of many possibilities

What tools/proverbs can I use to quickly decide on the best cutting point against Black here?

A Little Bit of Retrospective

I wanted to reason out my choice, not use KataGo. However, I went ahead and took at peek:

I was mystified as to why I would cut at 3. I really wanted to own the bottom. But I think the reasoning is: Black is building a huge moyo in the center, so you need slice into it. And hence the proverb “cut away from the side you want comes into play”?

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