For those of you infected with MAGA-pox, let me just say that you might need to be reminded of a few things about good ol’ Donald…

Signed CISA into law, violating the 1st amendment

Protected and Awarded Fauci

Dr. Shiva collected 120,000 signatures to fire Fauci in May of 2020. These were delivered to Donald Trump who ignored them. 12 hours before leaving office, he awarded Fauci a medal of honor.

Promised to prosecute Hilary Clinton then reneged once he was elected.


Assault on Julian Assange

Became mum on Pfizer due to 1 million dollar donation.. and then revived the Pharma Industry

Dr. Shiva cuts him no slack…

Dr Shiva exposes him in many posts at his website

Truth Comes to Light exposes him

Courtesy of Truth Comes to Light are these reminders..

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