For those of you infected with MAGA-pox, let me just say that you might need to be reminded of a few things about good ol’ Donald…

Signed CISA into law, violating the 1st amendment

 In direct violation of the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution, Trump signed CISA into law.  What is your opinion of this?

Signed the CARES Act into law

numerous clauses of that law raised my eyebrows.

Signed the PREP Act into Law


Plotted to Murder Julian Assange?

Apparently trump had the CIA draw up plans to kidnap & murder Assange while he was in Ecuadorean Embassy, as courtroom testimony revealed yesterday in Britain.

Protected and Awarded Fauci

Dr. Shiva collected 120,000 signatures to fire Fauci in May of 2020. These were delivered to Donald Trump who ignored them. 12 hours before leaving office, Donald Trump awarded Fauci a medal of honor. Do you agree with this action of Donald Trump?

Promised to prosecute Hilary Clinton then reneged once he was elected.

Rubs Elbows with Klaus Schwab?

He bangs prostitutes and then gets funding from Evangelical Christians?

Is this confirmed?

He didnt drain the swamp, he hired them!

  1. Bill Barr
  2. John Bolton
  3. Pompeo
  4. Stephen Miller

Became mum on Pfizer due to 1 million dollar donation.. and then revived the Pharma Industry

He revived the dying pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical company revenue was decreasing in the years prior to Trump’s presidency. Yet during his presidency, they climbed. Is this something admirable?

Regarding COVID

Trump is proud of what he did with the so-called COVID vaccine

Donald Trump states “people are refusing to take the Vaccine because they don’t trust his (Biden’s) Administration “ which implies that he thinks taking the COVID vaccine is a good thing.

My questions to you are:

  1. Do you think taking the COVID vaccine is good?
  2. What do you think about Trump blaming Biden for fewer people taking that vaccine?

Trump openly supported the COVID Vaccine

Reference – “it’s a great vaccine and a safe vaccine” .. “we saved millions of live with the vaccine”

Trump did nothing about vaccine and mask mandates

Trump did nothing about vaccine and mask mandates

He coordinated lockdowns

Against expert biological advice, he coordinated lockdowns. This is after he received a hand-delivered letter with 120,000 signatures. The contents of the letter are rational and sane and yet it was ignored by Donald Trump.

Trump ran on a platform of drain the swamp, lock her up and build a wall.

He didn’t achieve any of the 3. Regarding “lock her up”, while campaigning he promised to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hilary Clinton but never did so.

Trump promised to walk to the Capitol building to protest election… he didn’t

Instead, his supporters were there without him and betrayed. What is your opinion on this?

Trump is Pro-Israel

I’m not sure if you are aware that Israel is a Zionist state not a Jewish state. And I’m not sure if you are aware of the Zionist formation of Israel by taking land that originally belonged entirely to the Palestinians. But presuming you are aware that Israel is a Zionist state and that they have an agenda of genocide against the Palestinian people, then could you share your feelings about Donald Trump’s comment at 6:30 in this video where he says “No one on this stage is more pro-Israel than me”

Dr. Shiva cuts him no slack…

Dr Shiva exposes him in many posts at his website

Truth Comes to Light exposes him

Courtesy of Truth Comes to Light are these reminders..

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