The Road to 5k Requires Seeing the Power of the Push-Cut

Not once, but TWICE IN THE SAME GAME could I have taken a commanding lead if I had only studied the position and considered the push cut.

What the hay is a push cut?

A push-cut occurs when you perform a two move sequence consisting of a push followed by a cut. let’s break it down, step by step.

First, we see that it is White’s move and Black has ignored the peep at C7:

Black ignored the peep and played at C11…. too bad for Black!

Next, we see White push at C7 and then Black try to block at B7:

Finally White cuts at B8 to compromise Black’s position!

From this point, Black has decide what to lose.

  1. If black protects against the cut by playing B6, then C9 ataris the C8 stone in a ladder leaving the C11 stone surrounded
  2. if black kills the cutting stone with B9, then White follows up with C3 (marked X) and Black will lose the group marked 1 or 2 based on how play continues.

position 1

a 1-dan would put wincing pressure on Black’s corner with the push-cut here….

Position 2

black attempted to connect his stones but he left a push-cut that can give White a tremendous advantage

That’s it

i would give the answers. But it’s better to download a Go engine (like KaTrain) and play through the positions in this game it until you have it under your belt.

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