Stay awake on the hane-connect or you may pay the price…

Not even a month had passed since mi3chaels said:

any time you have multiple chains of stones in succession with <4 liberties on each chain between possible cutting points, any strong player is going to be looking for ways to exploit that, and both the hane and the double hane are standard ways to do that.


I was reviewing a game with AI today and I wondered, what could be wrong with this common yose sequence starting right here:

I mean, I respond at 1 and black hane-connects back to M1 and it’s over right? I mean there is no way the cut at “3” can work right?


I suggest you download this game and read through the play from move 95. The very first few times I played Black against the AI and played at “1” I experienced severe discomfort while witnessing my corner being ripped open:

resistance is futile, mortal

With better reading, you lose less but but everything after Black playing “1” leads to advantage-gain by White… even with the AI playing both sides.

Read, Play, Read, Play

Definitely develop the ability to read through this play so that you can protect your games and beat your opponents.

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