Someone call homicide. A filthy murder is about to be committed in the Southeast Corner of the Goban

In this game, two Strong SDK players locked horns on Mikito’s Twitch Stream last night.

On move 86, a ‘187’ could have been commited:

Do you see the homicide about to be committed in the southeast corner of the goban?

22 Moves Later, the predator still did not smell blood:

Every AI in the world is itching to do that White group in… they’ve been screaming at the top of their lungs for the past 22 moves about what to do. I hope you see it?

What does it mean to be 1-dan?

I thought strong SDK and 1-dan players were super strong at life and death. According to Ben Teuber that is the way to get strong at Go and they are stronger than me.

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