Samuel Eto’o’s picks for the 2022 World Cup were ridiculous, but the comment replies were hilarious

Here is what Samuel Eto’o predicted for World Cup 2022

The replies were hilarious

intravenous hopium 30cc

He’s an African not an Africant

It’s so ridiculous that I genuinely don’t know whether he has confused the word “prediction” with “dream”

More like least sober Eto’o ever

Maybe Eto’o already knows which games are fixed

Of course Etoo is going to place Qatar over Netherlands & Ecuador. They’ve never given him caseloads of money.

I think I’m detecting a slight African bias here.

“How could you pick Qatar Sam?”

“Let’s just say it moved me… TO A BIGGER HOUSE”

I guess it’s good he used his feet to make a living.

The ramblings of a madman

I badly need whatever it is that he’s smoking.

A series of coin flips would have been more accurate and believable.

Paul the octopus > Samuel Eto

Im surprised he didnt just cross out the sheet and write ‘Eto – Golden Boot Winner 2022’ in crayon.

he probably consulted pogba’s witch doctor who gave him these predictions

former players and acting stupid? it’s like a requirement to being successful after their playing carreers

r/soccer not being able to see the joke, Part 3959372

You can be a good player but still stupid, unfortunately.

World cup final will be between all African teams in a battle royale match

He’s on that African bush ganja.

Spent the child support on class A drugs it seems.

Whatever he’s having, I want some. But maybe like half. I dont want to die

It is 2022.

Nothing surprises me anymore

I understand now, why these countries have rasta-colours in their flags!!!

Oh sweet, even the predictions are corrupt. At least this WC is staying consistent with its theme.

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