I was playing one of the followers from my Twitch stream and he mentioned a different way of deciding on go moves called ROSE. Developed by Haylee Jin, ROSE is an acronym for Respond? Options? Sente? Expected Results?

Let’s break down ROSE

R – Do I need to respond to opponents move?

  • A – I will be in trouble
  • B – I won’t be in trouble but responding seems like a good idea
  • C – I won’t be in trouble and responding seems small

O – What Are My Options?

  1. If responded A to ‘R’ then identify options to respond to that move
  2. If B or C, scan the entire board 

S – Can I take any of the options in Sente?

E – what are expected results?

My feelings about ROSE

One tends to look deeper at the situation automatically with ROSE

As Haylee says in her video, ROSE is very good at fixing the “oh my god” complex. I.e., a lot of times when playing go (especially blitz), you tend to respond reflexively and oftentimes dont make the best move as a result.

The logic flowchart for ROSE is more involved

ROSE is not as prescriptive about how to fix or exploit weaknesses.

Pointless to have 3 options for the yes-or-no question: do I need to respond?

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