Robert F Kennedy, Jr – EXPOSED

He drove his wife to suicide by committing adultery with 37 women

Even Wikipedia admits this.

He plead guilty to heroin charges after being caught with it and failing a drug test.

According to HEAVY and NYTIMES:

On September 16, 1983, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Was charged with heroin possession. He became ill while in the bathroom of an airplane flying to Rapid City, South Dakota. The authorities obtained a search warrant to search him after Thursday after he failed a drug test.

The arrest came just two days after he announced that he was seeking treatment for a drug problem. As heroin is a felony in South Dakota, Kennedy Jr.s charge was punishable by up to two years in prison.

In February ’94, he was sentenced to community service after attending rehab. He joined the Riverkeeper organization, where he was required to complete 1,500 community hours, and after his hours were completed, the company hired Kennedy as their chief attorney.

Regarding Palestinians…

He blames Palestinians for their own occupation


He said Palestinians are the most pampered people on the Earth…

He promoted lockdowns

He supported lockdowns to ‘reduce the spread’ and ‘reduce carbon emissions’. – source


Visit dr. shiva’s RFK EXPOSED website for more dirt.

He spat in a cop’s face

2 weeks after his probation for a marijuana offense ended, he spat in a cop’s face. But he was young and I did my share of dirt before the age of 18 too so I cant blame him.

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