Supra(mental) Gymnastics

Here are a collection of (supra)mental exercises:


  1. Expect the unexpected every second of the day
  2. It is the nature of clouds to arise, move along and disappear. The thoughts in your mind are like this. You are the vast empty sky that allows them to arise, move along and disappear – FPMT/Thubten Kung Ling.
  3. “What am I” – this is what the Kwan um Zen group does for meditation.
  4. hold the thought – Everything is unfolding as it should.
  5. Tratak – concentrate on a dot without blinking.
  6. Hold your attention at 2 points behind your head


  1. Non-violent communication
  2. EMDR


  1. Feldenkrais – good thing FM Alexander kicked him out of training!

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