Since the reddit blackout debacle, I have not been keeping up to date on the latest developments in the Python programming language. It is regrettable that we as a community decided to trust a commercial venture with our knowledge and time, only to be betrayed as we were. Lesson learned. Here are my resources to keep on top of the latest developments in the Python community… best used with a plugin that can open all links on a single page at one time.

  1. Mastodon Social Python tag
  2. PySlackers – a Slack chat devoted to Python
  3. programming-dev Python
  4. Python
  5. – never knew this existed until I started looking for non-reddit resources.
  6. Python @ Lemmy – I cant join, so why read if I cant help?!
  7. python @ Squabbles
  8. reddit Python
  9. Python discord
  10. twitter #python
  12. Flingup is well engineered. Too bad the Python sub never took off.
  13. comp.lang.python.announce is spam-free unlike comp.lang.python
  14. Stackoverflow Python.
  15. I always have to take a peek at Hacker News even though it is not Python specific
  16. And why not keep up with the Red programming language?

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