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Scrum Master Jar Jar

How much information can you really get in 1 minute of speech that you couldn’t get out of a 2 line email?

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Scrum is all about the project management, not the software.

I can’t take this Agile crap any longer. It’s lunacy. It has all the hall marks of a religion. A lot of literature, a lot of disciples, hoards of money grabbing snake oil selling evangelists, and no evidence at all that it works. In fact, as far as I can see, there’s more evidence that it doesn’t work.

Programming, Motherfucker sayeth:

They Claim To ValueThey Really ValueWe Fucking Do
Individuals and interactionsTons of billable hoursProgramming, Motherfucker
Working softwareTons of pointless testsProgramming, Motherfucker
Customer collaborationBleeding clients dryProgramming, Motherfucker
Responding to changeInstability and plausible deniabilityProgramming, Motherfucker

We think the shit on the left, is really just the con in the middle, and that we really need to just do the thing on the right…Programming, Motherfucker.


Zed A. Shaw
And The Programming Motherfuckers

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