Moments in Baduk (8k)

Unsure of the Best Move…

So I’m at a move in this game:

and I’m not sure what to play. But let’s think about it:

  1. He just played B17 and I almost had a knee-jerk reaction to fiddle around with that group over there. But the main thing of importance is his R12 group… it is not settled and if I molest it properly, I can benefit, but how?
  2. What move would you play and why?

Is this Game Over?

I like playing people around my strength. In this game, the person is much stronger than me and at this point I feel lost:

I am pre-pinched if I play C6. He has a big corner. Actually 2 big corners. One of my corners is unsettled and the extension along the left leaves a lot of gaps for invasion? Should I resign? what should I play?