Maybe it’s just me, but I do not enjoy playing people considerably stronger than me

To use a martial arts analogy, the last thing you want to do to start your boxing career is step in the ring against Mike Tyson:

When I play a dan-level player, I feel just like this victim of Mike Tyson – I’m being hit from all sides by a flabbergasting set of plays. there simply is no sporting value to doing it. And the plays are several levels away from what I can really understand at this point.

I turned off the “show tournament” button at OGS

I’ve played my last tournament for awhile

I played a tournament last night and the game against the 10k and the 8k were quite rewarding. I will learn quite a bit from both of these games… just a few small things and I will get better from my review of the games. There was no sporting value in my game against the 16k or the 1-dan. One game was too easy and the other was too difficult.

I am proud to say I defeated a 3k (5 stones stronger than me) but he started his game late and had time troubles. Not to mention that it was the 5th game he had to play in a row – if I do return to playing OGS tournaments I dont ever want to play Swiss Format again on OGS. It is very taxing to bring all of your attention to that many livegames in a row.

No more abuse

I once played someone rated 25k in one of these open tournaments. It was a horrible experience. I think i killed almost everything he had on the board and there were like 5 or 6 people watching. I almost felt like resigning just to end the abuse…

No more abusing others and no more getting abused. Here are my current challenge settings for games.

I will win more than I lose (which is fun) and I will learn a thing or two from each game whether I win or lose, which is also fun.

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