I deserved to be sent to the showers not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES against a 10k on OGS

I’m currently rated 7k on OGS and I like to play people between 10k and 7k. I always learn something in all of my games. However, my opponent should’ve deep-sixed me on 2 or 3 occasions in our game. Ultimately I only won by komi, so if he had found any of these 1-stone kills, he would’ve won easily.

Boo-boo Number 1 – you arent getting out of that corner so you better make sure you are alive.

At this position:

I was desperate to split his growing influence so i played as follows:

What should Black have played next?

Boo-boo Number 1.5 – same corner, new mistake!!!!

I finally decide that it’s yose-time and focus again on my corners. A hane to “1” was a better way to play than my nobi to “2”, but I ended up in this position with my opponent, basically gifting my opponent a kill… do you see it?

Boo-boo Number 2 – again, sealed in but not settled

Not through with my embarrassing blunders, I invaded my opponent’s lower left corner and thought I was well settled in the corner:

but boy was I wrong… what should Black play instead of saving those 3 stones in atari?

Another Day of Learning

I guess the main thing in Baduk is to keep improving and dont be too hard on yourself for your mistakes. I definitely will spend more time looking at the possibility to die by considering standard life-and-death ideas (vital points, liberty counting) instead of quickly looking away. After all, step 1 in Shygost’s move selection procedure is: “Am I OK“? And I most certainly am not OK if on 3 occasions, a single well-placed stone by my opponent could’ve sent me to the gallows.

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