How does a strong chess player improve at Go?

A recent reddit thread by a strong chess player prompted me to ask:

Are you a positional or tactical chess player? nimzowitch or alekhine? silman or kasparov?

it makes all the difference in the answer you get.

Was there a single resource that made you a strong chess player? For tactical chess players CT-ART is all you need to get to 2000.

Tactics is king?

the thing about chess and even more scary about Go, is that if you are a positional player who has memorized positions and sequences, then one change by your opponent gives you nothing to go on. However, tactical players dont have this problem.

The ability to read and kill could arguably be the most important thing in Chess or Go. in chess, we have the case of the guy who went to 2000 simply by cramming the CT-ART software.

I can attest to the power of ben teubers Get STrong at Go advice – even though these days I’m using the excellent Just Go software for the same purpose.

so if you want tactical reading, then you need to build your reading strength and that requires doing puzzles often.

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